02 Oct

Pool fever

pool fever

Adenoviruses are the most common cause of acute viral infections of the conjunctiva, occurring epidemically or sporadically throughout all. Many people complain of having fever after swimming, either themselves or when their kids go to the swimming pool. Well, there can be various. A fever that primarily hits toddlers sharing swimming pools is sweeping across Japan, according to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases. Citation style for this article: Everyone here is the operative word! The abrupt onset of this outbreak generated a certain alarm in the health sector and in the population, but after the system breakdown was repaired and control measures were established, the pool fever of infection decreased sharply. The role of the swimming pool in the transmission of pharyngeal-conjunctival fever. I would let my kid swim in the pool in the backyard with a low-grade fever if they otherwise seemed healthy. pool fever


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